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Akada + Payscout: Seamless Payment Processing

Are You Getting the Service You Deserve?

You may have heard of the term “White Glove Service.” In its basic form, this refers to service that goes “above and beyond,” or service that “exceeds expectations.” There are many businesses across the country that offer the same business model as you do. So, what sets you apart? It’s likely the service you provide your customers.

Exceptional customer service does not have to be one-sided. If you are offering “White Glove Service” to your customers, you in turn should demand the same level of service from your vendors and partners. This is especially true when it comes to payment processing – the lifeline of your business.

Payscout is much more than your average payment processor. With years of experience partnering with dance studios, we understand your industry – and understand the need for “White Glove Service.” Here at Payscout, every merchant is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager, who provides prompt attention, response, and ensures dedicated account oversight. Merchants always have a direct line of communication with their Relationship Manager, so there is never time wasted sitting in a queue, or waiting for the “next available operator” – only to then be transferred because “you have reached the wrong department.”


• Fully integrated payment processing with seamless connection to Akada
• Simple and clear transaction reporting by date, customer, payment type, or account
• 24/7 support for payment processing. ACH can be processed as two transactions.
• In-person and remote payment acceptance

In today’s world, time is of the essence, and customer service is often the deciding factor between business success and failure. Your customers demand “White Glove Service.” If you don’t provide it, they have other options. If your current payment processor is not supplying the same “White Glove Service” for your business, you also have other options!

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