The New World of Collections Requires “Choice”

Turn on the TV. Open a newspaper. Fire up the Internet. Everywhere we look these days we see, or hear, stories focusing on “Choice,” and “Freedom of Choice.” These themes seem to dominate the news cycle, and our personal lives - and have even spread into our work lives.

How Do You Identify the Right Payment Processing Partner?

Fire up your favorite search engine and enter “Payment Processing Company.” Google will often return “About 1,000,000,000 results” — in less than one second! No kidding; just try it. The options can be overwhelming. So, how do you find the right payment processing company for your business?

The Key to Improved Customer Response is Automation

Let’s face it. You have customers that always seem “unresponsive,” regardless of how many times you reach out. Many collection agencies believe the only way to increase customer responsiveness is to increase the number of agent-customer interactions. That is simply false.

Payments Should Be Convenient, Not Costly

Before partnering with Payscout, our client saw their monthly payment processing costs average around 2.5% of processing volume. Following the successful implementation of the 360° Fee-Free Payments program, their monthly processing costs dropped nearly 75%, when applied to all eligible payments.

Payscout Announces Our New First Party Biller Platform

Do you offer first party billing services as an EBO or BPO to your collection clients to assist them with their early receivables prior to assignment for collection? If so, our new First Party Biller Platform is the ideal payment acceptance option to attach to those services.

Eliminate the headaches of “7-in-7” by collecting and tracking all of your data in ONE PLACE.

To address upccoming changes required by “Reg F,” Payscout and Divinity Software have formed a new strategic partnership to provide true value-added benefits to our clients in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry — and to ensure our clients maintain compliance with all new regulations.

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