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Merchant Processing In The Cloud

Cloud-based technology refers to on-demand computing and data storage resources located on the Internet, instead of on a business’s physical premises. Companies entrust some or all of their data, software and computations to remote servers located online, or “in the cloud.” While cloud computing has been around for a while, the use of cloud-based computing in the merchant card processing arena is relatively new. Cloud-based merchant card processing is conducted via payment gateways—online point-of-sale (POS) systems linked to merchant accounts. The online POS or payment gateway facilitates communication of payment information between all of the back-end players (i.e., networks and banks) involved in payment transactions.

By utilizing a cloud-based POS system, merchants enjoy increased payment mobility and flexibility by being able to accept mobile payments, online and counter-top payments through a single integrated POS system. Many alternate payment forms like loyalty programs, gift cards and reward points can also be seamlessly incorporated into cloud platforms. With tablet and mobile apps you can also access to live sales data and reports anywhere, anytime and there are no limits on data storage.

Concerned that payment information stored in the cloud is less secure than data stored at your physical location? You shouldn’t be. Cloud services providers incorporate the most advanced and sophisticated data security technology available today, which typically makes payment information stored in the cloud more secure than data stored on local servers. Plus, all payment data is backed-up in the cloud continuously, instead of having to be backed-up manually. This means you’re always operating on the latest and most secure version of your payment processing system.

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