Collections (ARM)

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Fully-integrated payments for accounts
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Collections (ARM)

We have been actively serving the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry for over a decade. If you are handling medical or telecom collections, education or student loan accounts, or inbound financial institution and credit union receivables, we have you covered.

We built our reputation by providing unparalleled customer service and offering legitimate merchant accounts to collection agencies through reliable and highly sustainable acquiring banks.

We are fully integrated with over a dozen collections software applications, which ensure your transactions are more secure, more efficient and the data is available to your business in real-time. Our one-stop customer service model also ensures any question gets answered in a single call.

To learn more, visit our dedicated ARM information site, or click the get started button below, and we’ll be happy to build you a custom payments and pricing package to best meet your collection agency’s needs and transaction mix.

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