QuickBooks Credit Card Processing | Payscout vs. Intuit

Payscout vs. Intuit

A side by side comparison to our competitors.

QuickBooks Users Can Process For Less

QuickBooks’ payment processing fees typically run much higher than third party processing. However, since Payscout processing services easily integrate with the QuickBooks platform and our rates are significantly lower, we can provide you with comparable service for much less. You’ll be able to open invoices, generate sales receipts, sync transaction data, and more, without ever leaving your QuickBooks dashboard. Review our pricing below and get started saving money with a more affordable QuickBooks processing alternative today.

Pricing & Features

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Monthly Fee:

$10.00 $19.95

Per Transaction Fee:

$0.10¢ $0.25¢

Swiped Transaction Rate:

1.65% 1.75% to 2.40%

Keyed / Online Transaction Rate:

1.99% to 2.79% 3.15% to 3.40%

International Transaction Fee:

$0.00 +.40%

POS Processing Equipment:

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Custom Pricing Plans Offered:

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Free Mobile Card Reader:

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No Application / Set Up Fee:

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No Contract / Early Termination Fee:

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Managed Risk Accounts:

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Accept China UnionPay:

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Offshore Processing:

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Direct Brazilian MID’s:

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Direct US Territory MID’s:

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Direct European MID’s:

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Direct Canadian MID’s:

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