Payscout Partners with Protocol for PCI Compliance Solution


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Payscout Partners with Protocol for PCI Compliance Solution

The payment card industry (PCI) is fighting recurring data breaches worldwide that affect credit card issuers, organizations and merchants. Small and medium size businesses are most vulnerable leading Payscout to team up with Protocol, a data security company, to fight the breaches together.

(Los Angeles, CA) November 22, 2016—Over 90% of data breaches involve Small and Medium-size Business (SMB)
organizations. Data breaches result in increased global economic debt and the
reality is hackers attack anyone, with little to no exceptions. Payscout’s
recent partnership with Protocol involves working together to establish safety
for their clients via the requirements for PCI compliance needs.3

All organizations that store, process or transmit cardholder data are members of
the Payment Card Industry (PCI).1 The governing body is the PCI
Standards Security Council (SSC) that includes the major card brands –
MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, Visa International, Discover Financial
Services, and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB).

In 2006, the major card brands took a new approach to card data security by
creating PCI SSC. The new standards, known as PCI Compliance, are now required
every year by all organizations involved in the handling, processing,
management or storage of cardholder data. The standards have assisted merchants
globally with best business practices to better secure customer cardholder

Cleveland Brown, CEO of Payscout, a global
payment processing provider, says, “PCI Compliance is important to everyone in
the payment processing industry. With data breaches increasing each year, it’s
imperative that both merchant and customer alike perform due diligence to
ensure they are not enabling cybercriminal activity.”2

The PCI SSC offers these steps to assist any size company:

· Be aware of data breaches and how they happen

· Perform an internal Risk Assessment

· Create and follow a data breach prevention
Security Policy

· Get a professional with proper credentials to
assist you

By following this guidance, any size company is vitally assisted in helping keep
its cyber defenses primed against attacks aimed at stealing its respective
cardholder data.

Protocol President and CEO Giles Witherspoon-Boyd said, “Protocol is proud of our
partnership with Payscout, one of the fastest-growing global payment providers.
The rapid growth and global expansion of Payscout serves as evidence of their
commitment to the success of entrepreneurs. Our partnership is driven by shared
guiding principles of integrity, social responsibility, thought leadership, and
innovation to support entrepreneurs as they pursue their dreams. Protocol is
dedicated to empowering Payscout merchants with innovative data security tools
and unique, educational experiences.”

Most small merchants can use a self-validation tool to assess their level of
cardholder data security. PCI SSC also offers a valuable Self-Assessment
Questionnaire (SAQ) that includes a series of questions for each applicable PCI
Data Security Standard requirement. Different SAQs are available for a variety
of merchant environments.

Brown emphasized that Payscout helps build a strong data security foundation by providing education
on ‘best practices’ based on how each client handles and processes cardholder
data. “Cybercriminals are very sophisticated,” said Brown. “They are looking
for easy targets, and this foundation helps insure our clients, and their
customers’, safety.”

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