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Payscout, Inc. Announces ISO Registration, Assists Merchants in Reducing Overseas Fraud

Payscout has become ISO-registered with multiple credit card companies in an effort to increase credibility and security for merchants issuing transactions overseas.

(Los Angeles, CA) July 30, 2014—In today’s age of increased use of credit cards for global eCommerce transactions, merchants are choosing to expand their accepted methods of payment not only in domestic regions, but abroad, as well. Merchants wanting to sell internationally are subject to high levels of fraud, high fees and misguided information, but this risk can be greatly reduced if they choose to work with Independent Sales Organization (ISO)-registered merchant service providers (MSPs). Payscout, Inc., a global merchant processing company that specializes in multi-currency processing and managed risk processing, has announced its ISO registration with Visa US, Visa EU and MasterCard Worldwide to assist eCommerce merchants with their goals to service customers internationally.

The ISO creates management standards that are the highest possible for the industry. Organizations become registered in order to join the ranks of those recognized as industry-certified in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations. In addition to increasing overall performance, ISO certification has the added benefit of assisting merchants who want to sell overseas. For Payscout, the ISO registration in each Visa and MasterCard region allows them to directly contract with a financial institution that gives the merchant direct access to local currencies and payment types, resulting in improved sales conversion ratios, and the elimination of currency exchange fees.

“Our motivation was to align the Payscout culture attributes of integrity and trust with our service offering,” said Cleveland Brown, CEO of Payscout. “Namely, becoming ISO-registered demonstrates to our customers, partners and the industry at large that we have been approved at the highest level as an industry specialist.”

While it is not a requirement of most corporations to become ISO registered, Payscout chose to pursue the process in order to achieve its ambition of becoming a chief service provider in payment processing. ISO registration is an extensive process for those who choose to pursue it, as it requires the following steps: the corporation requests to be certified; staff members are trained in the management standards; and an audit is performed to ensure staff is upholding these standards. Payscout’s certification can be confirmed in the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers.

Brown believes that with an easing in eCommerce transaction processing, U.S. businesses will have access to global clients who are interested in and willing to purchase their products, allowing American businesses to capitalize on the larger eCommerce market while also expanding global distribution trends.

Payscout’s clients range from small mom-and-pop retail stores to large Internet eCommerce websites. With ISO registration, Payscout will effectively assist the secure processing of their merchants’ transactions.

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