Tailor Made Payment Method Solution | Single Intuitive Interface

Omni-Channel (All-in-One)

Accept credit cards with a single intuitive interface.

Bundled Solutions for Your Omni-Channel Needs

Your business can easily accept customer payments across all sales channels, and through multiple POS devices and delivery points, with Payscout’s Omni-Channel System. This consolidated payments package is customized to your needs and fully integrated to enable seamless acceptance of telephone, mobile, online, and over the counter transactions through a single sign-on system.

All transactions reconcile through Payscout’s online gateway, keeping your business organized and customer transaction data in one place for managing it quickly and efficiently.

Customers today want all the benefits of diverse payment options. Click the button below to learn more about Payscout’s Omni-Channel System, and we’ll get you set-up right away, so you can start attracting and serving more customers!

Omni-Channel processing rates & fees:

1. No set-up or activation fees
2. No cancellation or early termination fees
3. No annual fee
4. No monthly statement fee
5. Approvals within 48 hours
6. 24/7 technical support



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