Payscout for Quickbooks

A perfect match.

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Payscout for Quickbooks

Enjoy the dependability of Payscout processing and the convenience of integrating your payment data directly into the QuickBooks® software platform. Pay invoices, process transactions, generate sales receipts, apply open invoices, and synchronize transaction data – all without ever leaving the QuickBooks dashboard!

With Payscout for QuickBooks, you no longer have to input double-entry transaction data. You’ll also have access to recurring payment capabilities and the Payscout Customer Vault, which encrypts each transaction end-to-end for added security. Payscout for QuickBooks is compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Payscout for Quickbooks

Rates and Fees

No set-up fees

No activation fees

No cancellation or early termination fees

No annual fee

No monthly statement fee

All with 24/7 technical support