Integrate Payment Data with Quickbooks


Low credit card processing rates with QuickBooks!

Integrate Payment Data with Quickbooks

Payscout for QuickBooks is your solution to double-entry accounting problems!

Traditionally, merchants using QuickBooks have had to enter payment data into the QuickBooks interface manually. The Payscout for QuickBooks sync feature makes these manual double-entries a thing of the past.

Using the Payscout’s QuickBooks sync service you can link your credit card and check transaction processing to your QuickBooks accounting program and also pay invoices, process transactions, generate sales receipts, apply open invoices, and synchronize transaction data – all without ever leaving the QuickBooks dashboard!

Payscout for QuickBooks also offers you recurring payment capabilities and each transaction is encrypted end-to-end by the Payscout Customer Vault. Payscout for QuickBooks is compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Apply today to eliminate all the valuable time you’re spending now making double-entries!

QuickBooks processing rates & fees:

1. No set-up or activation fees
2. No cancellation or early termination fees
3. No annual fee
4. No monthly statement fee
5. 24/7 technical support


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