Rebate Q&A

Rebate Q&A

Limited time offer for new Collections (ARM) customers only

Rebate Q&A

Get On Board and Get Cash Back

Q: Why Payscout?

A: In addition to our award-winning culture and brand, and twelve years of dedicated merchant processing service to the Collection industry, Payscout provides ARM merchants with in-house collection industry subject matter expertise, end-to-end customer support, thought-leading risk and compliance assistance, and the reliability of a reputable and sustainable merchant account partnership.

Q: What is Payscout offering?

A: For a limited time, new ARM industry agreements signed by qualified merchant customers will be eligible for a cash rebate after the first full three months of service.

Q: How long will Payscout’s rebate offer be available?

A: All new agreements signed by August 31, 2017 will receive the cash rebate.

Q: Is my company eligible for Payscout’s rebate offer?

A: If you are a Collections/Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) service provider, and your application for new service passes our standard approval process, you are eligible to receive the cash rebate from Payscout.

Q: How will Payscout calculate my rebate?

A: Your rebate amount will be calculated according to the processing volume you achieve during the first three full months of service. Each month’s rebate amount will be aggregated into one final rebate payout at the end of the rebate period.

Q: When will Payscout issue my rebate?

A: Once you have finalized your third full month of merchant processing with Payscout, we will issue your rebate by ACH to the account that your merchant fees are debited from within 45 days.

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