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Recurring Billing

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At Payscout, we fit our services to your business needs by providing you with three separate recurring billing options.

1. Traditional
Our traditional approach to recurring billing involves setting up and billing a single cardholder, via credit card or ACH (e-Check), a specific dollar amount on a specific day for an indefinite or specified period of time.

2. Expanded/Plan Recurring Billing
With our expanded/plan recurring billing program, you create a plan and can associate an unlimited number of cardholders with that plan. You are able to change the dollar amount to be charged or the timing of the charges whenever you like. Any change made to your plan will immediately go into effect for all associated cardholders. This approach provides simplicity when the time comes to update your plan.

3. Modifiable Recurring Billing
Merchants who opt to use our modifiable recurring billing program can use our batch upload feature by creating an Excel spreadsheet, .CSV or .TXT file to be uploaded to our online gateway. This feature provides you with the convenience of recurring billing option that gives you the ability to change details, including billing information and dollar amount, as often as needed.

If you elect to utilize an Excel worksheet, the template can be saved within your account, and used for subsequent processing and settlement. The batch upload process will process 50,000 transactions within approximately 90 minutes, also saving you time and money.

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