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Accepting Credit Cards Made Easy

As a small business, it is sometimes hard to know when the time is right to get set-up for accepting credit and debit card payments. However, the latest consumer purchasing trends have expedited this decision for many business owners. Unfortunately, most merchant provider rate schedules are so complex it also makes it difficult for small business owners to know exactly how much they will pay for any given transaction. This challenge makes the electronic payment acceptance decision far more onerous than it should be.

Payscout strives to make merchant account fees simple and understandable by breaking down industry terminology and delivering an easy to comprehend pricing schedule. Payscout’s processing services will not only save you money on processing costs, but your business will also benefit from more simplified accounting, better customer service and less duplicate data entry. A Payscout merchant account will also enable you to:

• Know your exact rate for all transaction types
• Get the best rate plan for each transaction type
• Have auto-recurring billing via credit card, debit card or eCheck
• Securely store customer information for repeat business
• Combine credit card, ACH (echeck), and debit capabilities into one system

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