Payscout vs. Square

A side by side comparison to our competitors.

A Great Mobile Alternative To Square

If Square is your payment processing provider, it could be time to compare Payscout’s processing fees to your current pricing. Payscout offers comparable mobile payment solutions to Square, enabling you to process credit and debit card payments on-the-go, or take payments on a tablet POS station at your counter. You receive a free mobile reader to use with your smartphone or tablet, so you’ll never have to miss a sale again. Check out our pricing and click the button below to get started using Payscout’s mobile processing today.

Pricing & Features


Monthly Fee:

$10.00 $0.00

Per Transaction Fee:

$0.10¢ $0.00¢ to $0.15¢

Swiped Transaction Rate:

1.65% 2.75%

Keyed / Online Transaction Rate:

1.99% to 2.79% 3.50% + $0.15¢

International Transaction Fee:

$0.00 $0.00

Free Mobile Card Reader:

No Application Fee:

Custom Pricing Plans Offered:

No Contract / Early Termination Fee:


Managed Risk Accounts:

Accept China UnionPay:

Offshore Processing:

Direct Brazilian MID’s:

Direct US Territory MID’s:

Direct European MID’s:

Direct Canadian MID’s:

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