Eligible for Transaction Surcharging?

Surcharge Processing.

Lower or eliminate your credit card transaction fees.

Are You Eligible for Transaction Surcharging?

If you’re a California business, you are now eligible to add a surcharge to customer purchases. By adding a surcharge, you can effectively lower or eliminate your Visa and MasterCard transaction fees.

For eligible U.S. merchants that would like to add surcharging to Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions, Payscout can help you seamlessly implement your surcharge program using automated technologies. We offer free credit card terminals which are pre-programmed with surcharge calculations to enable processing without any manual surcharge calculations or accounting needed. Our highly secure gateway and administrative portal gives you access to reconciled data, including surcharge amounts, through a secure, web-based interface.

Click the button below to talk with a professional surcharge expert at Payscout to learn whether your business is eligible to take advantage of this new regulation.

Payscout surcharge processing rates & fees:

1. FREE disclosure notices required by VISA and MasterCard
2. FREE credit card terminal with surcharge calculations required by VISA and MasterCard
3. FREE step-by-step guide on how to properly surcharge
4. FIXED processing fees to reduce / eliminate your credit card transaction costs
5. No set-up or activation fees
6. No cancellation or early termination fees
7. No annual or monthly statement fees
8. Approvals within 48 hours
9. 24/7 technical support



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