The Future of Commerce is Virtual Reality

VR Commerce Products and Solutions

  • Consulting
  • Payment Processing
  • XR (VR) Gateway
  • Content Creation
  • Integration / Development

Innovation Timeline

  • February2016
    February 2016:
    Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontiers exhibit sparks VR Commerce inspiration.
  • May2016
    May 2016:
    Payscout debuts simulated VR shopping experience at CardNotPresent.
  • June2016
    June 2016:
    Payscout debuts simulated VR debt payment experience at ACA International Expo.
  • November2016
    November 2016:
    Film Antics & Payscout's "Yoga Girl" first VR short with embedded product placement.
  • June2017
    June 2017:
    Payscout launches world's first live VR payment experience at Money20/20 EU.
  • December2017
    December 2017:
    Payscout launches VR Commerce payments SDK.
  • January2018
    January 2018:
    Payscout announces world’s first live VR donation, benefitting the national non-profit Jefferson Awards Foundation, at CES.
  • April2018
    April 2018:
    Payscout announces world's first VR event-registration experience, featuring live ticket-purchasing in VR.

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